About our Authors

About Our Authors

All authors involved in Victory Tales Press have been invited because of their interest in providing quality stories to our readers, have shown a willingness to work together, and are multi-talented writers. The list provided is for the convenience of our readers to help them locate more stories or books by participating authors.

Please do not SPAM these authors, use this listing for solicitations of any type, or for any purpose other than as intended.  

Authors of Sweet to Spicy Stories Across Multiple Sub-Genres

Author                                                 Website URL 
Rebecca J. Vickery             http://romancewithatwist.com

Laura Shinn                         http://laurashinn.com/

Rita Hestand                       http://ritahestand.com

Cheryl Pierson                   http://www.cherylpierson.com/

Gerald Costlow                   http://theweaving.blogspot.com/

Diane Craver                      http://dianecraver.com/

Karen Michelle Nutt         http://www.kmnbooks.com/

Kit Prate                              http://kitprate.com

Sarah J. McNeal                http://www.sarahmcneal.com/

Stephanie Burkhart          http://www.stephanieburkhart.com

Vincent Nutt                      http://vincentnutt.blogspot.com/

Cecilia Corona                   http://www.ceciliacorona.com/

Katrina Gillian                  http://katrinagillian.blogspot.com/

Nan O'Berry                      http://oberrynan.wix.com/nanoberryauthor

Linda Swift                        http://www.lindaswift.net/home.html

Barbara Miller                  http://www.fallsbend.net/

Lindsay Downs                 http://tinyurl.com/kvfz468

Denise Stout                      https://www.facebook.com/Denise-Stout-Author-1502655073385386/timeline

Daelyn Morgana                 https://dmorgana.wordpress.com/

Authors of Sweet or Inspirational Stories Across Multiple Sub-Genres

Author                                Website URL

Laurean Brooks                       http://www.laureanslore.blogspot.com/
Anne Patrick                            http://annepatrick.weebly.com/ 
Evie Alexis                                http://www.eviealexis.com/
Charlotte Raby                        http://charlotteraby.com/  
Kate Kindle                               http://kindlecloudnine.blogspot.com/
Celia Yeary                               http://www.celiayeary.com/
Markee Anderson                http://markeeanderson.com/


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